Andrea Monzini

I work as a digital artist and as a digital producer for augmented reality projects, virtual reality projects, multimedia projects.

I graduated at the University of Ferrara in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication Technology, with a thesis on colour and light study.

To improve my knowledge in colour management, i have recently attended a Master in Colour Correction and Colour Grading. As i am very keen on the relationship between art and technology, i enjoy exploring and experimenting new tools, solutions and approaches to cutting-edge media.

During my years as a University student I also attended courses in biology, maths and physics. These experiences helped me understand that maths can be used to represent an approximation of reality.

As a digital artist I create also multimedia installations and pigment prints using any free and open source software programs such as Blender, Gimp, Krita and Darktable, thus by contributing to open knowledge.

Address: Via Lattea 1, Terra (EU)